Continuing Education

Dr. Landreneau visits with some of the most world renowned ceramists to learn about new materials and techniques so that he may bring these back to his office and use for his patients. Here Dr. Landreneau is visiting with Naoki Aiba in his dental lab for advice on different aspects of the creation porcelain system.

Porcelain with Zirconia, Beauty with Strength

May 1, 2015 Dr. Landreneau spent time with Naoki learning many specific things about this #1 rated porcelain system. Dr. Landreneau trained with Dr. Ed McClaren, one of the leading prosthodontists in America, on the subject of Zirconia, which is a type of Porcelain like material for making crowns. Dr. Landreneau participated in a hands on course with other Ceramists from LSU at the School of Dentistry in New Orleans. Dr. Landreneau regularly attends and participates in these hands on courses to maintain and improve his skills in making crowns for patients. He has 20+ years of experience making crowns, bridges, and veneers. His expertise in this area has helped people improve their smiles dramatically. Dr. Landreneau diagnoses, devises treatment plans, prepares and fabricates the final crown/veneer completely in his office. Creative Dental Studio is the only dental office in the Baton Rouge area where the dentist does everything from beginning to end. This provides an advantage to Dr. Landreneau because he has total control over the outcome with fewer variables to possibly introduce flaws in the final restorations. Dr. Landreneau is well respected by other Dentists and Ceramists. He serves as a leader through his profession of dentistry and also as a Ceramist in his respective areas of his practice.




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